Empowering Change Through Climate Solutions in the Carbon Market

Revolutionizing Carbon Markets with Cutting-Edge Technology and Trailblazing Financial Models to Catalyze Transparency and Trust

Unveiling Bold Climate Innovations

Sankofa seamlessly spans the carbon credit journey—from origination and financing to sales and portfolio management.

Project Developers

Natural resources have the potential to mitigate carbon emissions in a variety of ways.


The best carbon reduction approach for industrial enterprises may vary depending on the specific industry and operations

Boosting Precision and Transparency at Every Carbon Lifecycle Stage

Reducing Emissions

The EU has set an ambitious target of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Thorough Review​

Our team consists of experts in carbon markets who work tirelessly to identify and develop innovative carbon reduction projects

Issuing Carbon Credits​

A revolutionary company that is committed to sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of businesses across the globe.​

Offsetting Emissions

Carbon credit trading is a financial tool that incentivizes companies to reduce their carbon emissions by buying and selling carbon credits.

Driving Progress

One of the benefits of implementing a carbon pricing scheme is that it can generate revenue for the government or the private sector.

Elevating the Carbon Market

Natural resources have the potential to mitigate carbon emissions in a variety of ways.

Sankofa's Carbon Credits Accounting

Carbon credit accounting refers to the tracking and management of carbon credits, which are units of measure for greenhouse gas emissions

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