An Enhanced Technology that Leads to Improved Carbon Markets

We are experts in carbon markets and dedicated environmentalists united by a common Goal: safeguarding our planet.

The Time is now

Goal 13 of the United Nations Sustainable Development agenda emphasizes the critical need to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Climate change poses a severe threat to our planet's ecosystems and communities, making it imperative that we accelerate our efforts to address it. One key aspect of tackling climate change is the reduction of deforestation, which leads to the loss of millions of hectares of forest each year. Carbon credits play a pivotal role in mitigating deforestation by providing a financial incentive for conservation and reforestation efforts. However, to meet the ambitious climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement, carbon markets must expand significantly, aiming for a 15-fold increase by 2030.

Sankofa, through its innovative use of cutting-edge technology, is positioned to revolutionize the carbon market by injecting liquidity and transparency into the system. This empowerment of the carbon market facilitates a more direct flow of capital into essential conservation, reforestation, and ecosystem restoration projects, aligning with the objectives of Goal 13 and the United Nations Sustainable Development agenda. Moreover, Sankofa extends its support to pioneering initiatives such as electric vehicle charging infrastructure, biochar production, and the distribution of cleaner and more sustainable cooking methods in the developing world. These multifaceted efforts not only combat climate change but also contribute to the broader mission of building a more sustainable and resilient global community.

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