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Our Mission

At Sankofa, we work with organizations of all sizes to help them set and achieve their climate objectives. Our mission is to create transparency, efficiency, and liquidity in the carbon market, which is currently fragmented and opaque. We offer a range of solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


Discover High-Quality Carbon Credits From a Variety of Global Projects That Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions.


Build a balanced portfolio that aligns with your organization's goals.


Work with us and enjoy fair and clear rates, as well as detailed insights into each project's progress and outcomes

At Sankofa, we work with our clients throughout the carbon journey, from measurement to reduction to offsetting. We help them achieve their sustainability goals and transform their businesses for a low-carbon future.


Our company provides a range of solutions to help your organization measure its carbon emissions, design an offsetting plan, and enhance your marketing and communication strategies.

High Quality

Our partners are project developers who have been verified by independent third parties. They offer high-quality projects that deliver multiple benefits for the environment and society.

Diversity and Scale

Our portfolio of carbon credits is the most diverse in the world, covering a wide range of project types and regions. We use this portfolio to help our customers find credits that suit their specific needs and match their organizational values.

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